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The pop rock singer, Shakira, was in an interview a couple of weeks ago. It was focused on her new album and its recently released single, Can’t Remember to Forget You. The music video for the song was very risque. It featured Shakira and pop singer Rihanna in sexy attire, dancing around a house and lounging by a pool and occasionally cuddling and caressing each other along with other suggestively intimate actions. Read the rest of this entry »



I have always been very strong about my personal beliefs. I have changed several of my stances on certain specific views over the years as I have not only matured but have also actively looked for new information, relevant facts, and of course, had new life experiences. I have never been a fair-weather believer of anything. I truly believe this to be a positive trait. When I  believe in something I believe it 110%, no holds bar, and when I don’t, I don’t. I have encountered very little ‘gray area’ when it comes to what I stand up for. Read the rest of this entry »


Women’s Equality. We’ve come a long way, baby… or have we? Have we really just found a new prison of inequality in which we’ve locked ourselves, under the guise of being Supermoms and Wonder Women? How could we feel as though ‘we’ve come a long way’ when in fact we just managed to make it harder on ourselves instead of more simpler and on the same step as our male counterparts?

Sure, we can now work full time jobs, have fully fledged lifelong careers, open our own savings account, and reap the benefits of making our own bread with which to buy our own bacon all (mostly) without the enraging stigmas of being mother’s who don’t love our kids enough, mom’s who don’t care about their family’s welfare enough, or women who are simply ditching kitten heels and aprons in an attempt to look as good in a pair of oxfords and a tie, as their male Partners. But how can we really enjoy these opportunities when we are still freaking out about whether or not we are successfully fulfilling the archaic roles we had before. Read the rest of this entry »

This year is going to be the best year ever! Not just because I am writing this post while tipsy on Silver Tequila, but because when I am tipsy, and especially when I am drunk, I am the most honest and clearer with myself than I usually am. There are no boundaries or politically correctness involved when one is tipsy or drunk, and to date, I have learned that I am still as nice and funny as I am when I am sober, so that’s a relief. No one likes an obnoxious, ornery drunk. So, in my tipsy state, hear are what my plans are for this new year.

words book

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This year for Thanksgiving I will enjoy making dinner at home and appreciating that I get to do so since my making dinner at our home for Thanksgiving means that we aren’t at my Partner’s family’s place. Don’t get me wrong, his family is great, really sweet and all, but I’m not a winter-holidays person, and adding family to the mix makes them all the more vexatious. Mostly, because I have to spend the weekend putting on a show pretending that I am enjoying the hoopla simply so I that I don’t have to explain an otherwise smiling face and my sour sentiment towards the winter-holidays.

I don’t have an agenda towards them, I am simply vexed that they interfere with my personal time, and that I have to go out of my way to be a part of them. I am forced to be a part of the celebration. My Partner is all about the winter-holidays and unless I want him to be cross with me and have a mood of descension fall over the house, it would behoove me to go along with his holiday plans. Therefore, having the holidays at our house means that even if I have to celebrate them, as soon as dinner is over so is that holiday.

Over breakfast yesterday, my Partner and I were talking about a visit we recently had from my brother and his girlfriend, soon to be fiancee. He introduced her to us as his girlfriend, but he let us in on the fiancee part a few weeks later. My Partner brought up the fact that I would soon have a sister-in-law.

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Hands down, Halloween is my favorite holiday! Seriously, I mean, I absolutely LOVE Halloween! I love everything about it from the scary stories and creepy decorations, to the ghost and witch shaped window stickers. I love everything about it from the horror movies to the whimsical Halloween cartoons, I even love Halloween music! It’s difficult to find Halloween music in a regular store. You usually have to order it online, because most stores don’t stock up on Halloween music in their inventory like they do with the vast sea of Christmas music that has become a solid staple during the winter.


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Today, as I was skimming through the world wide web, I found a site which intrigued me. It has been up for a while and I will provide a link for it later on. It was basically a huge role call of pictures of bellies. Big bellies, small bellies, squishy belly, flat bellies, muscular bellies. The premise of the site was to let other women know that it’s okay to have a not so flawless belly and that they should be proud of and embrace the belly and body that they have.

It was a great message and I was all for it until as they say, ‘the truth was revealed’. As I scrolled down the site I came across a clip that revealed that the authors of the site were none too pleased with another article that came out in a major magazine that did not suit their “Bigger is Realer” perspective. Here’s the link…

I was all on board with the critique on the article…until she made mention that  a Size 12 is average, not large, in America. She highlighted a link to, no, not a CDC site or a nutrition and health site, but a site where anyone who is anyone can go online and insert an article of their choosing with facts of their choosing, to back up their claim. Now, it is true that Americans have gotten more and more fatter over a large span of time. However, just because everyone else is on the brink of a body health breakdown does not make it a healthy norm. Once again, here is an example of ‘skinny hate’.

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